Our Experience

Shopping Experience : Coat

It has been difficult to find sports clothes that are ethically produced, but one such company, based in California, is Greenlight Apparel. They produce sports clothes in the developing world and are driven to do good through a focus on both the environment and social justice.


Shopping Experience : People Tree

People Tree is arguably the most well known of the UK-based ethical brands we have purchased from. Founded and led by Safia Minney it has won numerous ethical and fashion awards including the Most Sustainable Fashion Brand at the Global Fashion Awards in 2010.


Shopping Experience : T-shirts

The Mission of Krochet Kids is to empower people to rise above poverty. “An opportunity to flourish doesn’t start with a hand out, it starts with a job”. They therefore give people in Northern Uganda and Peru training and jobs.


Shopping Experience : Shoes

Enzi Footwear is another Ethiopian shoe manufacturer which has been around for about the same time as the Oliberte factory.

Their mission? “To change the perception of Africa and develop its manufacturing capacity through the production of high quality and well designed footwear while maintaining a commitment to social and environmental responsibility”.


Shopping Experience : Boots

Oliberte is the first footwear manufacturing facility in the world to be Fair Trade Certified. At just 18 months old the factory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, aims to produce 25,000 pairs of shoes this year and as of last August employs 59 workers in Ethiopia.