The Industry

We’ve met the people who made our wardrobe!

Who made our wardrobe? We have met some of them! That’s right… we have actually met some of the people who made our clothes.

The reality of who is behind everyone’s clothes has become even more real. Between us we have been meeting people in India, Bangladesh, Kenya, and Uganda.

Many factory workers and farmers that we have met take pride in their work when they are treated fairly.


Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who completed our online survey these past 10 days. We have been bowled over by the number of responses, and the helpfulness of what you have told us.


Start of Chapter 2

This has been an amazing journey so far.

We have just finished building wardrobes where we know that every item was made by someone who was treated fairly—and we’ve learned a lot. From the complexity of the supply chains, to the impact of fast fashion, to the challenge of finding affordable clothes that meet both our ethical criteria and our (relatively low) fashion standards, to the opportunity to get involved and make a difference.


End of Chapter 1

Clothes had always held little value for me. At least that’s what I thought until I gave them all away. The shirt I wore when I proposed. The suit I wore for my interview. And the thread-bare jeans that were just too comfy to get rid of.