Shopping Experience : Trousers

The Company

The word ‘fair’ is an understatement when describing how Eternal Creations treat their workforce. They have a genuine respect for the workers at their Himalayan workshop; a taste of which can be seen in this introduction to Israil; one of the embroiderers.

The transparency on their website is awesome.

Something that we have not seen done by any other company is a workshop tour which tells you what happens in each room of the workshop and gives details about some of the individuals who work in those rooms. Needless to say, in line with our website name, we really loved learning about the individuals that made the clothes we are now wearing.

Eternal Creations was started by Australian designer Frances Carrington. She held to her values when the company grew by opting to grow the capacity of the workshop as opposed to outsourcing, which would have led to losing the certainty that the workers were treated fairly.

As well as selling online, Eternal Creation sell in over 100 stores in Australasia, USA, Europe and Asia and is a full member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand.

The Experience

Our experience of Eternal Creations’ customer service has been exemplary; the respect for their workforce extends to their customers. They have bent over backwards to ensure a good experience for us. Dispatch could not be described as quick but there is a very good reason for this; the majority of items are made to order.

The Chocolate Pinstripe Weekend Pants have received numerous comments by friends and relatives as to how nice they are. They cost approximately £40 (A$69) – but you can also get a 10% reduction on top if you sign up to their newsletter.

Shipping to the UK cost £7.00 which is more than it would be for a UK based company but very reasonable considering the number of miles covered! This cost increases only fractionally when ordering more than one item. In addition to men’s clothes, they sell women’s and children’s clothes.

Who Made My Wardrobe? Kalam did.

He previously worked in a large factory in Mumbai where he was expected to do overtime almost every day for very little pay. He says he now “feels relaxed and happy, and loves the open, friendly atmosphere of the workshop”.

We sent a message with a question after receiving our order and were promptly phoned by Bridget who is based at the workshop. The matter was not urgent, and she did not know about the Who Made My Wardrobe blog reviews, however she prioritised responding to our query.

Regarding the order process; the functionality of the website was very good and was a smooth transaction.

The Verdict

The extent to which they value their workers and their customers blew us away.

WMMW Rating: 8.5/10

Highlights: Beyond fairness.

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