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The Company

Indigenous clothes are produced by artisans, which is different to many of the other ethical clothing companies we now wear. Based in California their mission is “to elevate artisans in the poorest regions of South America to world renowned status in the handicraft textile market while preserving the rich cultural heritage.”

They state that fair trade standards are part of their DNA; which is what we believe is the key to achieving fairness throughout the supply chain.

Some very bold claims are made by Indigenous, including “We are confident that for every Indigenous garment purchased more money is going to directly support artisans than any other apparel company on the planet” and they have a lengthy successful history to substantiate those claims.

They are involved in the Who Made Your Clothes campaign which is being promoted across the Ethical Fashion industry and culminates on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory disaster.

They have won numerous awards including Top Innovator last May from Apparel Magazine following the introduction of a QR code being sent with all items sold, which connects the purchaser to the artisans. They call it the Fair Trace Tool and have sought to raise funds to make it possible for other start up fair trade organisations to use the Fair Trace Tool, as well as funding new social impact research methods.

The Experience

Shipping is free within the US but they don’t offer any international shipping. The shirt I own is comfortable and feels durable; I paid $79 for it.

The Verdict

A leader in the ethical apparel sector; an innovative company with a good range of clothes made by people in Peru who are treated fairly.

WMMW Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Fair trace tool, range, quality, style

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