Shopping Experience : T-shirts

The Company

The Mission of Krochet Kids is to empower people to rise above poverty. As they highlight in this video “An opportunity to flourish doesn’t start with a hand out, it starts with a job”. They therefore give people in Northern Uganda and Peru training and jobs.

It was set up by three snow sport enthusiasts who took up the unlikely hobby of crocheting in order to make unique hats to wear on the mountain. Following a trip to Uganda they realised the potential of crocheting to empower people to rise out of poverty.

They focus on providing jobs, educating, and mentorship as they believe these three combined support the empowerment process. They earned non-profit status in January 2008 and over 150 people now work on their products.

The transparency they display of the impact they are having amongst the individuals who work for them in Uganda and Peru is inspiring. They measure the social impact using six indicators: income, intellectual, physical, social, psychological, and spiritual.

The results are impressive; for example women who work for them are five times more likely to have access to healthcare, and their children are 25 times more likely to attend high-school.

We love their focus on empowering people to rise out of poverty, and their dreams to expand production to more areas of world that are in need.

The Experience

We also love their clothes. One of the favourite items in my new wardrobe is this t-shirt. It cost $27 plus $6 shipping. They ship to the US and Canada and have numerous stockists.

They focus on individual connections and even provide an opportunity to go to their website and thank the person who made it.

The Verdict

A brand whose DNA is to empower women through a holistic approach and sells on-trend clothes to the North American market.

WMMW Rating: 8.5/10

Highlights: Philosophy, mission, vision, impact measurement, style

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