Shopping Experience : Boots

The Company

Nisolo sell high quality hand-made shoes made in Peru. It began when its founders discovered talented shoe makers in Peru who couldn’t find consistent work. They were living in poverty because of lack of access to new markets. In order to address this cause of poverty Nisolo was founded and they have been making shoes ever since.

They introduce us to their Peruvian shoemakers who have seen a 400% income increase since they started making Nisolo shoes. They sell men’s and women’s shoes and we really love the focus on producing high quality shoes that fight the root causes of poverty.

The Experience

I bought the shoes online and paid $139 for the shoes and $11.48 shipping within the US. To ship to the UK it would cost approximately $50.

The customer service was excellent; they even called me the day after I made the order to check that I had ordered the best size for me and when I received the shoes they had included a hand written note.

I consistently get positive comments from friends and relatives who see my shoes.

The Verdict

A shoe company that successfully addresses issues of extreme poverty and produces shoes I am very happy with.

WMMW Rating: 8.5/10

Highlights: Mission, vision, quality, customer service, style, information on the shoemakers

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