Visible: clothes you want to be seen in

Can the clothing industry really change?

Our vision is to see a clothing sector where everyone is treated fairly.

To see this happen we need more clothes on the market which people know are fairly made. Clothes which people want to wear, and which are perceived as affordable.

Over the last three months we have built our new wardrobes, where we know that every item was made by someone who was treated fairly. Our goal is that others will do the same.


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 We (Andy and Andy) are therefore launching a clothing label.

Your insight and meeting people in the developing world who made our clothes, has led to clarity on the focus of our clothing label.

We are delighted to be launching Visible: clothes you want to be seen in (

Our team of fashion designers in the UK are designing Visible clothes which will all be produced in the developing world. We will then sell those clothes at a fair price.

One of our desires is for far greater transparency in the fashion industry – otherwise how can we know how the people who made the clothes were treated?

We are learning what this means for Visible:

Visible people – We want to connect you with the actual people who make Visible clothing and provide opportunities for those workers to let you and us know whether they are happy with their working conditions.

Visible costs – We will tell you where every pound goes when you part with your cash. Leaving you to judge whether we are selling clothes at a fair price.

Visible impact – We will charge a fair price for clothes which are made by people who are treated fairly, and by doing so will create opportunities for extreme poverty to be eradicated

As a social enterprise our goal is to keep our costs to a minimum without squeezing our suppliers. We will be producing a full range of clothes – starting with t-shirts.

We need money to get off the ground and become a place where you can source affordable, desirable clothes, where everyone from the cotton farmers to the factory workers have been treated fairly.

We are therefore running a crowd funding campaign, launching on Thursday April 24th. Details of which will be available on on that day.


Screen shot from our upcoming crowd funding campaign video

We are excited about the opportunities. The truth is we are also very nervous about this next step of our journey. However, we are more convinced than ever that things need to change and that Visible can play a significant role in making that happen.

If more consumers choose to buy clothes that are made fairly the clothing industry will change for the better. As a result countless farmers, factory workers, and communities can bring themselves out of extreme poverty, and we can all have the freedom to know that every item of clothing we purchase was fairly made.

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