We’ve met the people who made our wardrobe!

Who made our wardrobe? We have met some of them! That’s right… we have actually met some of the people who made our clothes.

The reality of who is behind everyone’s clothes has become even more real. Between us we have been meeting people in India, Bangladesh, Kenya, and Uganda.

Many factory workers and farmers that we have met take pride in their work when they are treated fairly.

When they are treated fairly everyone benefits; their families, those they provide for who are provided with new choices and opportunities, and their communities.

Alongside factory workers and farmers we have spent time learning from many others, including; a pioneering group assisting over 15,000 small scale cotton farmers, an owner of numerous large factories, an implementer of the Bangladesh Accord, and managing directors of five factories.

We are humbled by the positive impact that making good choices in the West has on people we don’t know. We are inspired by the brands we have bought from that are held in extremely high regard by the people who make clothes for them. We are excited by the entrepreneurs in the developing world who employ garment workers not just to make a profit, but to change lives.

So, what’s next?

We are getting ready to launch a crowd funding campaign to raise funds for the launch of our private label. Our goal is to do this in time for the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which was the catastrophic and unnecessary event that instigated our journey.

We will tell you details about the private label in the next blog – but a taster is we are calling it…

“Clothes you want to be seen in”

and we are going to make everything behind the clothes visible.

More to come…

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